Must pay attention and try harder in 2015!!!

Well it’s 2015 and practically the end of January and I’m only just getting round to this, I don’t really make resolutions but trying harder to pay attention and do what I say I’m going to do is definitely worth considering….Procrastination -‘ the action of delaying or postponing something’

Anyway, here we are, another year and soon to be Valentines day so the annual battle with the supermarkets begins, yes they sell red roses, yes they’re inexpensive, sadly far to inexpensive for us to try and compete……..BUT if you want your roses wrapped and presented beautifully, plus the possibility of having them delivered to your special person at work or home then give us a shout. Delivery in Littleport is free, and £3.95 to villages surrounding Littleport and to Ely.


The glamour of floristry, washing buckets!!!!

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