Christmas wreaths


We are now taking orders for Holly wreaths to collect on or after Friday 19th December, please advise if you would like them sooner, prices are shown on each photograph. We will also have door wreaths, fruit wreaths and holly wreaths for the birds. We will happily do special requests.

Wreath £7.50

Wreath £7.50

Heart  £8.50

Heart £8.50

Cross £8.00

Cross £8.00


New arrivals.

Here are a few of the items we have in the shop at the moment to add to a grave or as a simple reminder in your garden.

Cross £9.00 - Sweet Dreams pillow - £8.00

Cross £9.00 – Sweet Dreams pillow – £8.00

Shop 1

Small hearts £5.00 each

Shop 5

£25.00 each

Shop 6

Apologies, price to follow.