Rain in July!!

Good morning, it’s Monday, it’s the first week of the summer holidays, and if my memory serves me well, the weather is keeping up it’s tradition of rain. I remember many a last day of summer term, picking the children up in the pouring rain, soaked to the skin due to the mad idea that it’s July and coats are not required!

Congratulations Jenna and Claire, our happy couple on Saturday, lovely choice of colours for their flowers, yellow, white and grey. We hope they had a fantastic day, and many happy years to come.

Busy week ahead but sadly mainly funeral tributes. The last gift given to a loved one.

Have a good week, maybe the sun will make an appearance at some point??

This week :o)

Tuesday, second day of the week, it’s warm and the sun is attempting to shine, it needs to have a word with the stubborn clouds tho!
Lovely simple, pretty flowers for the Sunday wedding last weekend, we wish Nikki and Mark much happiness in their life together.
We’re looking forward to this Saturdays wedding, yellow and grey colour scheme which is quite unusual. Lots of freesia and roses with a few odities. Pictures to follow.
Hopefully this will be the first of a new weekly update, so be prepared for discussions about the weather as well as flowers, weddings and chickens!!
You can pop in and order/purchase free range eggs here, £1 for 6, and if you’re lucky they will have been laid that morning.
Happy thoughts for a good week ahead.
Lorraine :o)

….and breath!

Valentines is over for another year, we had a good day which is great for us, including some single roses, buttonholes and bouquets for an event held in Ely. Lovely weekend had by all I hope.

Next on the cards for us, two weddings then Mothers Day, busy, busy, busy…….. :o)

Red roses stand to attention!

3 days to go and I’m pleased to say we have a few orders for the weekend despite the overloaded buckets of roses in the local supermarkets, nice but we send our roses out dressed to impress which will hopefully put a big smile on someones face, plus, get the sender in the good books ;o)

Valentines day


A fresh wreath for valentines day for the one you love who is no longer with you.

Small heart £8.50 Large heart £12.50


Aqua pack of 6 Red Roses with foliage wrapped and delivered in a red bag stuffed with black tissue. £35


Single Red Rose wrapped and delivered in Littleport for £7.95

Must pay attention and try harder in 2015!!!

Well it’s 2015 and practically the end of January and I’m only just getting round to this, I don’t really make resolutions but trying harder to pay attention and do what I say I’m going to do is definitely worth considering….Procrastination -‘ the action of delaying or postponing something’

Anyway, here we are, another year and soon to be Valentines day so the annual battle with the supermarkets begins, yes they sell red roses, yes they’re inexpensive, sadly far to inexpensive for us to try and compete……..BUT if you want your roses wrapped and presented beautifully, plus the possibility of having them delivered to your special person at work or home then give us a shout. Delivery in Littleport is free, and £3.95 to villages surrounding Littleport and to Ely.


The glamour of floristry, washing buckets!!!!

Christmas wreaths


We are now taking orders for Holly wreaths to collect on or after Friday 19th December, please advise if you would like them sooner, prices are shown on each photograph. We will also have door wreaths, fruit wreaths and holly wreaths for the birds. We will happily do special requests.

Wreath £7.50

Wreath £7.50

Heart  £8.50

Heart £8.50

Cross £8.00

Cross £8.00


New arrivals.

Here are a few of the items we have in the shop at the moment to add to a grave or as a simple reminder in your garden.

Cross £9.00 - Sweet Dreams pillow - £8.00

Cross £9.00 – Sweet Dreams pillow – £8.00

Shop 1

Small hearts £5.00 each

Shop 5

£25.00 each

Shop 6

Apologies, price to follow.


Autumn is arriving…….

Judging by the weather today it seems that Autumn is making itself known, rain, cold and leaves falling, a total change from last week. I was lucky enough to spend the week in Cornwall, near St Ives, the weather was wonderful, no jackets, coats or sweaters required.

View over Carbis Bay to St Ives

View over Carbis Bay to St Ives

Back to work this week, finalising arrangements for November wedding and a recent request for wedding flowers in a couple of weeks. 2015  is coming along nicely, a few definite bookings in the diary already and new enquiries coming in.

Time to think about Christmas and possibly running a couple of  workshops on Christmas arrangements.

Until next time, a good day to all.